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panu-lanu-sah-nu be with you

when annoying music gets stuck in my head i write terrible parodies. most of them are about my teddy bear.

my girlfriend had the odd luck of getting three yellow poogle plushies at mcdonalds. now while she won't have their food once she is fully converted, in this before period i am enjoying the ability to get happy meal toys such as this. what are the odds, when there are 74 different possible toys, of getting three identical toys? bear in mind that the bags are opaque and so you have no way of knowing what colour your neopet will be - just what sort. it seems highly improbable. that being said if anyone wants to trade i have two extra yellow poogles.

having just watched queer as folk i am a bit sadder for it.

went to pabla indian cuisine and got the soundtracks to sarkar, dus, and maine pyaar kyun kiya. I got the Dus soundtrack because messicat always makes it sound so awesome.
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