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sometimes it's just hard. and by hard i mean difficult.

Today I learned something. Cul-de-sac implies dead end. This was something I should have realized, having lived in two over the course of twelve years. It only came to me when I did a wikipedia search on the word. That's what I like about this beautiful thing called the wikipedia. Of course, if you read my article about it in Go Inside Magazine you'd know that already.

Shabbos was pleasant but I'm looking forward to being able to walk to the Rabbi again. Living in the new flat will enable this possibility of course. Living in the new flat will also enable one to walk around without tripping over things. I'm sure it will get a little more crowded when my things come from NJ but we'll just organize and accomodate.

I was reading an article about different kinds of "non-kosher talk" as it were on aish hatorah's web site and wow is it a let down how much rubbish comes out of my mouth.
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