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Groobly Bear, Elizabeth and I had quite the day. We went and signed the papers for the new flat, saw our friend Sharona and her parents, and even got to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The only thing that would have been even nicer would have been had I been able to work at all today.

It all started around nine in the morning when we went and signed the papers. The woman was very pleasant and explained all of the rules and regulations of the apartment. I'm looking forward to living ten minutes from the rabbi by foot and within spitting distance of Starbucks. I saw that they have a new iced tea shaker on sale with four glasses and tea bags for under twenty dollars. That looks nice.

It was nice to meet Sharona's parents. If I'm not mistaken the way it works is that her grandfather was cousins with my grandfather on my mother's side. I could be wrong. She made Trader Joe's Earl Grey. Mmm.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is not a film for children. Nevertheless it is hilarious.

On a completely unrelated note I'm looking forward to seeing the Harry Potter book. Reading it, of course, I'm even more looking forward to. Shabbos - yay!
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