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I finally figured it out. My friend Yitzchack, from time to time, will just say "oh, do me a favour...." and then not say anything after that. He usually says it when he is annoyed about something or when I say something silly. Well I just figured out what he is trying to say by it.

Yeah, and the sad thing is how I figured out. Coronation Street is playing on CBC - the Canadian channel we get here. That's where I get to see the new Doctor Who. Anyhow, yes, I do watch Coronation Street, and I don't think this means that I necessarily will have to watch the Eastenders. Charlie and Fred are arguing about the truth vis a vis his possibly cheating on his wife, and at one point, exasperated, he says "oh, do me a favour..." Except that when Yitzchak says it he says it much slower but said quickly it seems to make sense.

Elizabeth and I applied for an apartment that is near Starbucks in the Admiral District. When I say that it is near, I mean, really near. We can see it from just about every window. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a vanity room - and a nice little balcony. Lots and lots of storage space, an elevator - and it's only a few hundred more than our present flat. I hope we get it.
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