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how to blow $81 on stupidity

I registered to take tests to teach in washington. I then requested a letter from my rabbi stating that I am jewish and therefore cannot take tests on saturday. It took a bit to get this letter but I did eventually and sent it in with a change of registration date. The test should have been this Sunday, however I got a phone call this morning saying they could not change the date because I sent in the letter too late. I therefore had the option of taking the test on Saturday, or not at all this year. Since it was my fault that I can't change the date I am ineligible for any form of refund. The tests cost $81. I guess I won't be teaching in WA any time soon.

In other news, I see that Phoenix Arizona has an eruv? I can't seem to find a decent page to show the boundaries or kosher restaurants there. :( One restaurant listed sells BLT sandwiches. It's listed on a few sites as being 'kosher'. Not 'kosher style' (which btw translates to a thick ham on rye with mustard) but mamish kosher. In what world is a restaurant with fleishigs and milchigs on the same menu kosher? Oh yeah, opposite world.
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