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perhaps I am an lj addict. interesting how it would be "an lj" but it would be "a livejournal".

I'm in Koichi's room - upstairs from my flat. I'm actually quite looking forward to shabbos this week. For one, I have a whole bunch of daf to catch up on. Secondly, I really do need to rest. Perhaps you are not aware of this but I was in the emergency room with my girlfriend until four in the morning. I woke up at ten and got right to work - having passed the zmanim for krias shema by all accounts. Sometimes I think, I shouldn't think this way - just do it because you want to give big ups to capital H but then I get to think, well d'oraisa I already buggered up...

I got a skull plushie in the mail today. Really spiffy.
Tags: daf yomi, lj, plushies, shabbos

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