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the quest for a job

Yesterday, merrily enough, I found myself on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, thinking that I would go to temp agencies to apply for temp work. I ended up calling one which told me they wanted legal experience, of which I have none asides from watching Ally Mcbeal and The Practice - and that was a year ago or so when I had a telly.

I saw the wife of a person that I used to have Shabbos meals at - well, only a couple of times. She suggested I e-mail my resume to her husband, and they would try to help me find work. Very kind of them.

The trip was very good for me, I think, because it made me realize that I really had missed New York. I always feel at home when I'm there, and as of November 10th it will be back to being my home when I move back into the apartment space I occupied only a couple of months ago.

Now I just have to find a job. And at some point, do that whole marriage / children thing. Right?

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