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I'm so incredibly nervous about tonight. I just did the laundry, and meanwhile my room is smelling kinda funky because I think it's been two weeks since the sheets have been washed, and it has been hot with lack of a/c. The kitchen reeks as it is full of dirty dishes - they will all be done after work. The keyboard is being annoying because of the space bar - two ten dollar keyboards are in the mail, though. Must bear in mind to *not* bash keyboard when annoyed. This clearly leads to more annoyance as shown now.

Sometimes it seems that as I'm getting older I'm feeling the little trinkets and papers and what not aren't that worth holding onto. Here I am with my new apartment - my room at my mother's house has lots of stuff in it,and I realize that I barely need any of it. I certainly don't really miss most of it.

I miss Goobie Bear, though.
Tags: dating, goobie bear, technology, useless stuff

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