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spyware has somehow riddled my computer, probably somewhere along the lines of me trying to burn a cd or finding the right software for doing so. so now i am plagued with this rubbish and no program seems to be able to fix it for me. :(

in better news the recovery is coming along well. we gave koichi his birthday gift tonight and he was tickled pink as the character I played, that being Peach. When I say played I mean in the game of Mario Party 6 that I brought from downstairs.

There is the possibility of web work for me. This would be good vis a vis the last entry I made. So would winning the lottery, or being offered a book contract based on what I have online. "I love your stuff online, would you like to publish that book with us when you're done with it?" That sort of conversation will not likely happen, alas.

Where's Koffing? It smells a little like him here.

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