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i'm not that fond of men

Some guy thought i was trying to pick him up because i mentioned, in a list of magnetic fields songs, "i thought you were my boyfriend." He thought I thought he was my boyfriend. Yeah, extremely assured of his sexuality, he was - in opposite world.

Then a woman came in that sort of reminded me of my ex girlfriend m.c.a.r. (she left me for anotherjuan) and she had about half a bottle of caramel in her caramel macchiato which went from being a venti to somehow being poured into two grande cups and filled with whipped cream and more caramel on top. I made happy faces and she said that made her night. She had signed her starbucks card and said she signed everything.

I hope to get a futon tomorrow morning. I hope they didn't sell it since then. If not, hopefully thursday.

I can't believe the kind of pokemon stuff people sell on ebay. When you have a leaf green cartridge that includes 999 of every item and tm and hm, it's obvious yours must be a somehow hacked cartridge or something. 999 master balls? Please.

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