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there's a character named kayla on the television

so naturally i have to think about you verymad_affair

there appears to be a very scantily clad woman here. she is so wearing hardly anything. i wonder if my girlfriend will notice. indubitably so because the scantily clad girl IS MY GIRLFRIEND. my goodness. don't tell anyone.

owen burke is my secret lover.

there's this girl, and her name is lindsey. and i sang her name a lot tonight but she didn't seem to hear me much.

geeeeeeeeeee beee. i'm a bissel on the seepy side. i sang a song tonight and there was some mentioning of some hebrew terms.

let me tell you something. everybody's waiting for kayla. she's the last chance for the whole damn family and you have no idea what that feels like. however, aunt viv dropped out of high school.

yes, i'm quoting fresh prince of bel air. gibbly.

i'm secretly playing matchmaker. SHHH! don't tell anyone. chiefly because i dion't want them to know. now I need to get to bized and whizot not. i worked like 10 or so hours today and i packed brandon's present and it was a happy brandon's birthday.

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