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why. why. why.

it's the middle of the afternoon and all I've accomplished today is eating a piece of pizza. I woke up only a couple of hours ago, and I think I probably could have stayed in bed longer. For example, forever. I feel like absolute hell right now. I pulled myself together enough to wash before the bready meal and to say Bircas Hamazon afterwards (although seeing the wedding listed on the cover of the bentcher was really depressing) and I found out that there really is a gaming cable channel which has some really horrible programming.

The most interesting thing that happened on the trip was when I arrived at the Los Angeles airport and went to the gate where I was supposed to be departing from. The flight was not supposed to be for another four and a half hours, so of course I (being exhausted from all the flying previous to then) decided to sit there and wait. I may have cried, or not. I saw a woman coming out from the gate - one of the people that arrived with that flight from wherever it was. A few hours later, the woman came back and asked me if she had seen me earlier in the day. I told her that she had. Through the luck of modern airplane construction, I ended up sitting in what was designed to be Business class, with really great seats, even though I only paid for Economy. She sat next to me, because she wanted to hear my interesting story. I told it to her, and she told me that I hadn't dated long enough to get engaged in the first place. Sort of what everyone else has been telling me.

Afterwards, she went to shake my hand but my hands were conveniently full. I told her that also, I don't touch women. She probably then thought, wow, what a weirdo.

Last night, I went to see my new apartment - it's great. It would be greater if none of this crap had happened and I was still a little more than a month away from getting married to a wonderful person, but apparently I must not be meant to be getting married. Or something. Go figure. All those commitment phobic men out there who are getting married, and then there's me, who has been dreaming of getting married since I was a kid, and nobody will come near me with a five hundred meter pole.

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