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resisting the urge

something occurred to me as i was hit with the urget to have a cigarette out of the blue earlier. judaism teaches that when we are faced with a strong urge to do something that is usser and yet we overcome this desire we receive a larger reward than if we have no desire to do the thing.

for example if i really want to ridicule someone but i choose not to, knowing that they are a human being and not one who has practiced avodah zarah and therefore not in need of mockery, i would recieve a greater reward in olam habah than if i never had any desire to do so.

i personally have lost my taste for lobster. however if i still loved it like i used to, then walking by red lobster would present all sorts of zchar for avoiding the chait.

am i using too much hebrew? I apologize. I'm now on the bottom of daf 10a and should be on the bottom of 14b tomorrow. :(

i did 'animal' tonight at karaoke. i think i did it stinkily.

shout out to my boy stainsteelrat for hooking me up with an orkut invite. orkut sounds like hebrew.

speaking of discontent i wish i only had to work one job so i had more time for writing and reading.

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