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I'm only up to daf 6b right now. aaaargh! tomorrow is daf 9 - how am I going to catch up? I'm probably going to have to do a lot of catching up this shabbos.

I really hope I get this job at corporate. Have I mentioned that? I need some form of job security. Something like what it seems my friend Christopher has. I don't feel like I have job security with wizmall. He doesn't give me any sense of security at all. It's more like, any time I could replace you with a kollel housewife. Well, that's just great. Hire a kollel housewife, pay her $10 an hour, and put me out of work. I'm sure that will fly over really well at the beis din in shemaim.

I got the peddie school directory today. $85 for this little thing? geepers. I hope a lot of it went for alumni stuff and not the printing of the book.

in other news we now have a dreamcast. shh this is good because brandon has about 185 games that somehow i can also have while he is still having them... if i should want them... and should find myself with a "spindle" as it were... $25 dreamcast. nice.

the rabbi wants to get us into yu-gi-oh! because the family apparently plays it. well i say he can get down with pokemon instead. maybe i'll surprise him with a starter deck. great activity for shabbos kodesh. that, and going over the daf.

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