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i got a volvo 240 dl
I got a volvo 240 dl. I can't believe it. A 1986, having 107K miles, volvo 240DL. I'm going to take photos tomorrow. I'm going to go to shul tomorrow, too. I'm driving myself there and hopefully not getting lost. Goodness.

I had the phone interview today and then I got an e-mail from the gentleman for the second job, the one which is more analytical. The one which would be keeping track of orders and keeping in supply chain management. The one that my mother really would love me to get of course. I think she does something in Supply Chain. It seriously has good potential to get me somewhere in the company in the long run.

feeling: : cheerful cheerful

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From: shybakuretsu Date: le 25 février 2005 11:22 (UTC) (Lien)

: > a volvo 240 ' v ' interesting-

;_; you are so lucky-- oh and you seem to be on a job spree lol good luck ^_^ I know you will do well.
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