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i'm tizired.

There's a knock at the door! It was brandon and his friend, who also owns a DS. By "also" I mean that the DS came today.

I have spent an obscene amount on video games in the last month. What the hell is wrong with me?

What have I spent so much on? Well...
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My new assistant managers closed with me tonight and they felt that everything had to be clean. Including cleaning out the syrup pumps. Fingers to palms. Fingers to palms. We were supposed to get out at 10:22 but ended up getting out at 11:10. If I had a car it would be okay but elizabeth waited nearly an hour for me. I really hope I get that corporate job. Speaking of which, someone from marketing was at the event tonight (we had a gospel choir) and I told her about my 40 year starbucks plan and she said that customer service representative is a good way to go to get into marketing. I REALLY hope I get the job. I am serious about starbucks.

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