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the job interview

I am hoping the job interview went well. It seemed to go well and the interviewers told me that everything i said was excellent and very good etc... and I did well enough on the test that I took at the end. I really hope I get the job.

My huge client is worried that the time I put into wizmall forums (www.wizmallforums.com) and the blog (wizmall.blogspot.com) If you can please register for the forum and, I don't know, start some topics or something. What do you all think would be good forum subjects? Right now I have "resume help" where people can request and give resume advice and "the inside scoop" which in theory is people letting other people know about jobs that they know about that aren't necessarily publicly listed.

I really hope I get the starbucks job. Have I mentioned that? Yes, twice now.

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