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don't you hate it when that happens

don't you hate it when you fall in love with someone, get engaged, fly across the world to be with them only to have them tell you after a few days that they don't know what love is and they're not sure if they want to be with you or if they really love you? yeah, me too. gosh, that's such a friggin' bear when that happens. particularly when it happens to me. but that's just because it's me that's writing this I suppose. I feel like the end of the world has come. honestly. this is worse than any single other time getting dumped. or all of them combined. here I sit in the town house that I was supposed to live in with my fiance after marriage and I have no idea if I will be getting married after all. I can only hope things will work out, I suppose. Think good thoughts. That goes for you, too.

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