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today and tomorrow

Today I closed at Starbucks on 23rd and Jackson - tomorrow I'm going to be closing at the Alki Beach store.

What's very interesting, a thought that I just had at some point while listening to people sing Karaoke at the Corner Inn tonight, was that since I have moved to Seattle I have been enjoying life a lot more. I'm having a lot more fun living. Just enjoying life.

I have to finish my novel. I'm totally clueless as to when the novel will end. Am I afraid that if I finish it, I will have to follow through with, I don't know, publishing it in some manner? I think that has something to do with it. Publishing it will make me confront the reality of my book - is it good? Is it poopy? I hope it's not poopy.

I have the following words of advice for you: do not drink chantico with a shot of espresso. I was super buzzed today. I have to work out like every day this week to make up for the calorie overload there.

I'm seepy.

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