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seepy time - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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seepy time
Why do I chiefly update late at night when I am really tired and words come with such difficulty? Years from now will I look over these entries and think, what was going on in that brain? That's usually what I think when I see my paper journals from '97 and such.

Shabbos was slow this week. 25 hours of course but it felt longer. I got to play pokemon monopoly but since the official rules weren't there we got the seemingly made up ones. Also most of the player pieces were missing so by default one of us was pikachu and one charmander, and then there was the mystery blue hotel-like piece. I snatched monopolies on the left side of the board and built up a little bit but we gave up when the children in the house were too loud.

I'm shopping around for a new primary care physician. I only chose my pcp at the end of december and he already decided to leave Aetna. I received this information by ways of mail. I then received a new card a few days ago, before I could choose a new pcp, stating that my choice was invalid - because he left. Couldn't they wait for me to choose a new one first? What a waste of material.

I'd love to buy stock in sbux so I could get the starbucks card that they get. I'm weird like that.

And you're quite welcome, Nikki. I just wish everyone would stop calling me "gordont". It doesn't feel like me. :P

feeling: : dorky dorky

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j___adore From: j___adore Date: le 09 janvier 2005 12:13 (UTC) (Lien)
Oooh, but....but.....it's such an awesome nickname though. What else can I call you? G-Dawg?
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