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I ironed a couple of shirts for shabbos today, and managed to eke in five hours of work as well.

A brand new washer and dryer came to the apartment today, which un like the previous washer and dryer actually can clean and dry clothing. There was a humongous mess underneath the old washer / dryer including a peculiar pile of dirt and some very poorly smelling yellow stains. I applied paper towels and a lot of oxiclean which got it a lot cleaner than it was. Bottom line, there was quite some improvement in the bathroom today. I also cleaned out the pipe attached to the dryer which was not necessary since the appliance gentleman removed said pipe. I managed to remove fist sized clumps of lint first.

I got a nice package today containing the Harvest Moon pre-order plushie cow. I'm all about plushies. They're just keen, ne?

I'm looking for a used volvo 240 - not that new ones exist. I think it would be awesome to be able to take apart and reconstruct one - they're much simpler than cars today.

Here comes shabbos! Oh, I did that meme wherein you put in your old address on mapquest and the new one and it's something like well over 3000 miles, much of which is two segments of over 800 miles each. Then there's a 600+ segment.

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