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simchas torah

All continues to go well in the lovely land of Australia. I'm not used to writing on this laptop and it's 12:28 am so I'm having some trouble writing at the moment but that's okay. I'm getting married in fifty days or so, which I find to be quite incredible. I'm really happy. Julia is worried that I'm going to dislike Adelaide and run away to New York or something like that which isn't the case at all. Adelaide has been thusfar quite wonderful.

I saw Annie Hall with Daniel (one of Julia's brothers) along with Mark (a friend) and Julia's mother. I love that film qutie a bit. Gets better each time you see it I think.

Tomorrow, if I'm not mistaken, Julia and I will be registering our Intent to Marry with the government. One of those official things people apparently must do. So much to do. Must get the invitations finalized, etc

Today was Simchas Torah - rejoicing with the Torah. Last year around this time of year I made a major change in my life - I stopped touching women entirely. Shomer Negia. This year I came to live in Australia. Maybe by next year I'll be a father. How fun!.

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