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seeing elizabeth's family

Tonight Elizabeth and I are going to be seeing the majority of her family, if I am not mistaken. Family gatherings are nice. Elizabeth's parents went out of their way to get kosher food so I would have something to eat. Also, it's about ten blocks away from Elizabeth's house so I will be able to go at all - Shabbos does start in 22 minutes, after all.

I'm sorry if I have been overly vague and short in my entries lately. If you don't know, Elizabeth and I moved to West Seattle at the end of last month. We have been living in West Seattle, with me working extended hours for my wizmall client. I also work 20 or so hours per week at the Starbucks on 23rd and Jackson - hence how I got to make a short espresso macchiato for Howard Schultz. G-d willing I will be in the Corporate Office soon, trying to exert a little influence to get more things supervised, as it were - in terms of kashrus.

Tomorrow ought to be a load of laughs, as it were. Food eating, davening of course, and seeing Elizabeth's friends and family. Then tomorrow nigh motzaei shabbos we're going back to Seattle. Sunday I close at Starbucks.

I just tried to order personlized click sharpies but they only personlize normal non-click sharpies. Alas. On the plus side we finally have Napoleon Dynamite.

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