gordond (gordond) wrote,

I'm exhausted

I'm exhausted, and I wake up late a lot. and I haven't written in my journal in ages. but I found out that they do have dance dance revolution in Adelaide, Australia and apparently it's quite popular. but lots of people are really good at it there. so maybe I'll just wait until there's no one looking to embarrass myself, or something.

so tired. I'm so worried about my grandmother. she referred to my father in the third person, to him. Arrgh. It's one in the bloody morning and I should be sleeping now. my stomach has been really upset in the last several days or what not. I haven't been eating well at all I guess. Too much grain?

I love Julia. She called me around midnight. She really is the best. This is it. Seriously. Well, duh - I am marrying her. Such a wonderful person she is.

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