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yom kippur - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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yom kippur
Well, here I am again ready to write what could be a short entry or maybe not. But probably... hmm. I have been reading my paper journals from 1997-1998 and have found them to be most insane, to say the least. I find it difficult to believe that I was that person at one point in my life and that I am somehow this person now. There was one entry from early 1998 wherein I wrote that I hoped Coca-Cola would put out a Vanilla Coke because I really liked the way that diners did it.

The next time I write in you, dear journal type thing, it will be less than a week until I will be leaving. Can you believe it? I don't. Soon I will be seeing Julia. Oh, how lovely that will be. She to whom I am engaged. Giving no reason to be enraged.

My parents are now legally divorced and (as of today) divorced under Jewish law. I think it was actually simpler to get the legal divorce, though maybe not. I don't plan on getting divorced. But then, who really plans on getting divorced, asides from Uncle Duke in Doonesbury? Cripes, I hope if this journal is ever published for some reason that Hunter S. Thompson doesn't read that. Wouldn't be good methinks.

There are so many things all around which remind me of my past. The journals, for one, but comics as well, which I had when I was a kid, books from when I was younger.... gifts from ex-girlfriends (Julia mentioned that I seemed to have a lot of these but really I haven't! - but relative to none I suppose you could say I have had quite a few. But no boyfriends really. Which I think she was happy about.)

Time to eat and get ready for Yom Kippur. Whee.

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