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To be elaborated upon - these are notes.

Where do I begin on last night's series of strange events? Oh, what a night, as the song goes, except this was mid June in 2002, not late December in '64. I got to the train station quickly. Good ride to Matawan (overheard music industry conversation, wrote a little), where I eventually found the shuttle to the show. Struck up a conversation with an older gentleman about music, ended up getting his phone number. Stock broker living in Queens with his brother - recently seperated.

Before the show, met Trey's dad - really. The show itself was astounding, despite that they didn't play two songs I really wanted to hear. Long encore - two ph balanced songs with Treyola on solo acoustic guitar. Listening to this music inspired a number of thoughts, ideas, etc.

Post show, there was no shuttle to the train - the last one had left at 11:30. Noone could spare a ride, and suddenly it was past 12, and the last evening train to Manhattan left at 5:30. One drunk person told me to f-ck off. A 'sorry, can't help' would have worked too. 'That which you find hateful, do not do unto others.'

One nice girl gave me a lift - and let me crash on her couch (I ended up on the floor since I'm tall) and this is where I sit now, writing this on my palm iiixe. One rude drunk led to one kind person. I don't present a threat - and when I explained that I didn't touch women at all (being shomer negia) it was that much better. Another fascinating story of my life.
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