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mario sunshine. - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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mario sunshine.
Some people were complaining on the pvp online forum that it has a dumb name. Er, right. Play the game, silly, never mind the name. And have you seen the water? Wow. It gets irritating at times as I'm not the most used-to-playing this kind of game (esp. tricky with jumping and getting on particular platforms etc - which is why I'm much better at luigi's mansion, for example) Yes, I got Mario Sunshine yesterday, partially as a gift from my friend Sarah.

I did a lot of walking today, and was happy enough to get a piece of pizza this evening. Something is wrong, or maybe the scale is off. Or something. I lost two pounds since yesterday? It doesn't make sense. In any case, I'm between 156-162 at the moment. Not sure exactly where I am as it were. But a lot lower than when I moved into New York. Julia, my darling fiance, says that I don't get enough food. I argue that I eat a lot. I guess I don't eat things which push for weight gain? Or something.

In a week I'll be home and counting down the days (as if I'm not doing that now) until I get to see my darling Julia, and how long until the wedding, etc.

feeling: : happy happy
la musique: : Badly Drawn Boy - Silent Sigh

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