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will hung over?

just a bit. actually, not really. I had a bit of a headache this morning but it dissapated quickly in the shower. Showers are good for this. They are also good for deep contemplation, or not all that deep thought.

looking not forward to this plane ride. I will miss elizabeth a lot. looking forward to her moving here. she is quite keen. i love her a lot. oh! headache is back. but it's not a will hung headache.

last night i did karaoke at a bar and some guy in a mariner's shirt told me that i sucked. thought about starkodama and laughed - i wondered what she would have done. speaking of which, i listened to some SMAP with elizabeth's brother's roommate koichi. i showed him my "if i get any fatter...." icon. we also went to a seperate bar, worked at by elizabeth's cousin Kenny (he did not die and there were no bastards). Apparently when I drink a lot of alcohol I get drunk.

the person that works at starbucks that we saw the two times we were here was not working but she came in for a drink and did not notice us. alas. :( i guess I should have spoken up. like saying hey, 'tis us, we who are with odango design

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