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shower thoughts

every morning i get into the shower and worry about money. of course, then i go out and spend more money that i don't have, and blow off work because of a headache. 8 hours here, 8 hours there, it all adds up to income i could have but do not thanks to my laziness. :( i have to get my ass in gear and start using my creative talents to do something profitable. shirts that i should design and pimp but have not done so yet. web sites to design, people to get to come to my site and hire me.

yakima was wonderful but seattle is, well, a proper city. it is quite nice but then again, i do love new york. also, i'm sick of moving every 3 months, as i said to my brother.

we saw 13 going on 30 today. great film, great soundtrack. highly recommend it to all.

goobie....... bear.

elizabeth is the best. i want to keep her times forever. etc.

ps : gibbles

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