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i got a letter printed in the new york press - or at least the online version

this letter i wrote (at the bottom of the page of course) is in relation to a previous letter that made jews sound like idiots.

in other news, it's theater of the absurd time! scene : elizabeth's kitchen. players : tall romanian guy (trg), outrageous kitten (ok).

trg is standing in the kitchen attempting to pour a cup of coffee.
ok enters kitchen.
ok : *licks foot of trg*
ok scampers out of kitchen as quickly as he entered, and stands poised in the family room. after being in pounce mode for aproximately forty-five seconds, he runs through the kitchen into the dining room. he then turns on his heel and goes back to the other room.

later, trg gives ok a small toy purchased for ok. toy is promptly ignored.

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