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what a bizarre day.

this has been such a, and I'm afraid to say it but I can't think of a better word unfortunately (ha! some writer I am!) such a bipolar day. at various points I felt completely wonderful and happy and at other points I felt completely worthless and like utter crap. I woke up and I had Godfrey (the teddy bear Julia got for me) tightly in my arms - I felt so lonely at times today. When I was watching Stardust Memories I nearly cried on a number of occasions.

I think I found a place for my invitations. I put a new column on the odango... magazine for the first time in almost four years, which is nice. Nice that someone actually wants to write for me. I did a lot of editing. Hope she won't get too mad.

Talked to Julia tonight. Lots of fun conversation. I love my Julia, oh yes I do. And the funny thing is the whole "the first syllable of her name" bit I add. Which came from when I used to sing the song about Goobie Bear. I love her, love her, love her. And now, good night. Er, once the cable modem decides to work.

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