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I hope this unemployment thing doesn't turn into one of those things where I was getting more done when I was working because of the fact that a short amount of time to do things meant that I forced myself to do them whereas a long amount of time leads to massive slacking and thus getting nothing done in a day. Sweet mother of elephant it's already half past three and what do I have to show for it? I made a pot of tea. And I'm downloading Flaming Lips songs and later will be getting some Elvis Costello. What is it with me liking lots of music suddenly that I would have hated even a few months ago. I feel really weird. Here I am listening to the Flaming Lips for Herschel's sake and I'm liking it all. What happened to that closed-minded person I used to be, who only listened to classical and jazz and phish and not much else? okay and Frank Zappa. But come on, you have to like Zappa.

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