November 25th, 2010

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!


I have a lot to be grateful this last year. Going from swinging single to married man with pregnant wife is pretty awesome. Well single in the sense that I wasn't married.

I'm also thrilled with my living space and sharing it with a roommate and cat is fantastic. Well then there are the bears of course.

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... But they're so small!

Saw a show called Cranksgiving last night. Comedians got up and talked about things for which they were not grateful. They asked for volunteers and my hand shot up.

So nervous. Got up and talked about the subway. Everyone clapped. Later I found out that Ira Glass was in the front row.

It's like hitting a home run and finding out that the spirit of DiMaggio is clapping his ethereal hands for you.

Tofurkey time soon. Update after that? Perhaps.

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COR Jason has a pint!

Pumpkin pah

Wow! Great meal. Stuffed up like a Tofurkey.

Tofurkey came out much better this year than last. Last year it was burnt on the bottom. Much more liquid this year made for no burning of the bottom.

Here is what is left of the pumpkin pie.

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