July 20th, 2008

DHSAB Ladle of Evil

It was.

It really was the best Batman film yet, and not just because Mr. Ledger gave 438% of a performance in being the Joker. I think he took the comics and he became the Joker which may have tragically lead to his perishing so early in his life.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was also brilliant and I wish she had been in the first film instead of Mrs. Cruise.

I think I shall continue this tomorrow. Later today. Having been sick I am in less than no shape for this fast. Uch.
BedDi so this is going to be that kind o

thoughts on the day

I liked Doctor Horrible so much that I bought it on itunes.

I got exhausted babysitting. I was told that it is less exhausting when you can put the baby in a playpen for a few minutes and are not constantly in entertainment mode.

I just heard that a cat got stuck in a mason jar and required grease to get out. How sad. Well, at least the cat got out.
much better looking than other men

almost forgot today's low-light

The opposite of the highlight.

I woke up this morning and somewhere around the time when I was participating in the activity that almost always requires you to say a brocha with the words asher yatzar in it, I realized that I could not do the fast today because I would be very quickly dehydrated to the point of needing medical attention. That realization made me sad.