December 28th, 2007

BTTF you're the doc doc

this gave me a good laugh

Someone on the veganism community asked if petroleum was vegan friendly because said person was concerned that dinosaurs were exploited to make it.

Said person was summarily banned.

Tee hee.
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DOOL EJ Wells Have a drink?

Gordon Davidescu is an ingrate

Let's take this on third person style.

Gordon Davidescu is such an ingrate.

He has a roof over his head and he never goes hungry and yet he somehow manages to find reasons to complain.

Just today he went to the Metropolitan Market, a "slice of Portland" so to speak, and bought some fine local produce. He is privileged enough that he doesn't feel obligated to buy cheaper, yet more nutritionally unsound food.

He was at the library last night borrowing yet another 'Gossip Girl' novel and 'The Golden Compass' - he's one of those lucky 'literate' types.

Gordon Davidescu is SO SILLY. He should be happy with what he has. Also, he has excellent taste in beer.
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