November 27th, 2007

Darjeeling Limited Three Fingers

all I want for chanukah is... a Kindle!

So it seems that has no intention of taking me seriously as a senior managing editor of Go Inside Magazine. They must think that our being one of the oldest online magazines means nothing since we don't have ads or paid writers. Whatever.

I'm still determined to get a Kindle and I have figured out how I am best going to do it.

Chanukah is a week away. People regularly ask me what I want for Chanukah.

I don't want a lot of little things. I just want one thing this year and it happens to be a Kindle.

That being said I don't want any one person to get me it. Rather, I'd prefer it if as large a group as possible split it up into pieces. It would take 80 people who gave $5 each - and what's $5, right? or 40 gifts of $10. Actually one person has already given $40 so consider the task 10% easier. :P

The wishlist is right here - that's my 'wishlist' as it were. Note that I am asking for 40. That assumes an average of $10 per gift. If you're a five dollar punter, you are still awesome for helping me make my Chanukah dream come true.