November 12th, 2007

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what's a killer bean?

Killer Bean Forever!

Jeff Lew was the lead animator on The Matrix Reloaded. He wanted to make his own movie. So he spent the last four years working seven days a week, fourteen hours a day and his entire life savings to do it.

The result is the movie Killer Bean Forever.

Was it worth it? I guess we'll see when it comes time to having the film distributed.
GilGirls consuela runs off with logan?

stupid, stupid, stupid

I tried marking something as spam and of course, I accidentally clicked on 'select all' before clicking it and so 99 non-spam messages going back to SEPTEMBER were marked as spam and permanently deleted.

In g-mail it would tell you that you had just done it and offer an UNDO button.

Thanks, yahoo, for once again being behind the times.