October 7th, 2007

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remind me to finish that story from the last entry.

Yes, there was more to it.

Let's see how much I can get here.

Five years ago, during the holiday of Simchas Torah, my then fiance decided that she actually didn't want to be with me and I think that was really it. That was the last time that I attended that sort of Simchas Torah celebration. The two that I attended after that were more of a hashkama minyan sort of thing - less tinny-nai-nai, if you know what I mean. Then for two years there were no services here. And this year was the first year that I had the tinny-nai again. I was reminded of how joyous I was five years ago and how crushed I was a little bit later.

I wondered to myself if it really meant that maybe part of me wasn't over it. I'm not sure. That would be pretty sad if I were still so upset over something so stupid that happened five years ago. I suppose I should really stop wondering about 'what-if' scenarios because they are almost all bad in the end.

Everything happened the way that it did for a solid good reason. I just may not know what the reasons are - and may not ever know them. That's okay with me.
much better looking than other men

I thought I'd scare you with my voldemort face

Elizabeth and I went to a $5 showing of HP5. We noticed for the first time towards the end when Dumbledore has beaten him down and all these negative thoughts are going through Harry's mind there is one mind flash where it looks like Voldemort is offering him his empty hand. It's as though he thought he was going to give him a basket of potpourri or something and then realized he had left it at home so he just offered him a handful of nothing. Twaffle for you?

Darnit, Costco! Make up your mind! Do you want to have Vitamin Water or not?