September 22nd, 2006

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

wonderful comments

Some prick left a comment on the Seattle PI article about the cost of Starbucks espresso going up about how he is sick of, amongst others, "New York Jews" being in the pacific northwest and acting as if they are better than everyone else.

What a jerk.

What a great way to go into Rosh Hashana. I just love being reminded of the fact that there are still people out there that are active Jew Haters. They just love hating on the Jewish people.

Like life isn't hard enough as it is. Fabulous.
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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

Shana Tovah

In a couple of hours the year 5766 will be totally over and it will be the year 5767 since creation. Yeppers, I really do believe that. I guess that makes me crazy in the opinion of some but then some of the other things I do make people think I'm crazy, including writing about Days of Our Lives every day for money and playing Pokemon.

I'd like to wish everyone the best happiest new year ever and to only be inscribed in the Book of Life.