August 20th, 2006

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

waking up at 6 tomorrow

Normally I would be also waking up around then but knowing that I have to wake up then in order to get my prayer on and get to the dentist on time makes it worse somehow.

I am looking forward to having a fixed cap or perhaps a new cap in my mouth at this time tomorrow.

There are these horrible myspace bugs going around that when you click on certain links it makes a bulletin post in your name or tries to trick you into logging into a false myspace page.

Check the url before you login to what appears to be myspace.

When in doubt clear the url bar and put in in the bar and start from there. Usually you're already logged in and the link was just trying to trick you into giving your login information so they can then use automated programs to post biggoted or racist bulletins, or advertisements for "free" gift cards or ring tones or other such things which many times will ultimately then get the people who click on your unintentionally posted bulletin links to make their own bulletins without meaning to.

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