July 31st, 2006

grammakitten (meomidesigns)

e-bay responses

I'm selling a copy of windows xp on e-bay. In the title I have written that it is the full version. Someone went ahead and asked me anyway if it was an upgrade version of xp so this was my response.

This is the full complete version and needs no other version of windows in order for it to be installed. It rocks the house like Heavy D and the Boys crossed with Sir Mix-A-Lot, the Fresh Prince, Kid 'n' Play, and (oddly enough) the greatness of Journey.
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karaoke gong show

I am not even kidding that I just heard a song called Bertha Butt Boogie.

Saw Scoop today and was really amused. I suppose this should be no suprise as I am a WA fan.

Had to pick up a ds lite today. No import for me - white is okay by me. I can't wait for Pokemon Diamond.