April 30th, 2006

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

trapped in the closet drinking game

Monday night at the Corner inn (corner of california
and faultneroy) elizabeth's brother brandon is hosting
a special event - a showing of r. kelly's 'trapped in
the closet' and a drinking game to go along with it.

so... be there. if you can, of course.
kajol looking up

all you can eat indian food

...that sort of thing is like a pool of cold sweet drinking water in a desert, for a kosher keeping jew living in seattle with a dwindling number of food options. Oh! how I would love to open up my own ramen shop, like in tampopo (when are they going to reissue it so it isn't $110 on amazon? it used to be $15)

Mine would be a super kosher ramen shop, with ramen made from anything including quinoa, millet, and other cool things. Also, normal ramen for ramen lovers.