April 18th, 2006

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

bbc one

i wish we had announcers as cool as on bbc one. or even just announcers that talked about the show and what just happened over the credits.

like after eastenders sometimes the person will say something like 'well he wasn't the bloke to be messing with, was he?' or something like that.

gong show karaoke was fun tonight. brandon let me plug ask vampire bear and i seriously think people's reactions were as bad as if i had announced i wanted to give them all herpes. not a fun feeling.

almost yom tov time again!

i gave c.m. his dvd player and he was chuffed to say the least to know he'd soon have august through march of corrie. chuffed!
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now here's a shirt i can relate to

Threadless.com Submission - an other day in my life

I had this extremely disturbing dream last night that there was this strange woman named Rebecca prowling about who didn't particularly look like anyone I've ever seen. I was with my father's cousin Adrian (that's ah-dree-ahn, not like rocky's wife), when I saw this person zip by three times over a period of time trying to shoot at us. I went looking for the police, because 911 was being very wonky and giving me all sorts of menu options, when suddenly someone came up to me and told me that one of the people on my friend's list's father had been killed. I suddenly decided to go and confront this weird killer, and thankfully this is when I woke up.

Then a bit later I had another strange dream - I was in this peculiar theme park and I was finding collectible cards (from one of those collectible card games) and at one point... well, I was naked. These giggly girls spotted me and said, "Come on, let's go see what the klingon ship looks like after its cloaking device is deactivated." For yes, my little reproductive friend, in dream world, can be referred to as a klingon ship.
DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!


you know what's great about cupcakes? they're like small cakes and you're like, hey, i just had an entire cake all by myself. also, if you need to protect them from the elements, they fit inside a cup, and you can cover the cup with your hand, or if the cup / cupcake are small enough, a cocktail umbrella.

also i bet you can fit some ground millet into a cupcake and nobody would be the wiser.
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