March 13th, 2006

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

guess who's back? Product - Ah Munna Eat Choo

that's right, ah munna eat choo is back in print! get it whilst it is hot.

and if you've ever wanted to watch television while on a swing outside you're not alone Product - Get Some Fresh Air

and last but not least if you've ever wanted a full alphabet of animals on your shirt you have your chance here: Product - Alphabet Zoo
goobie bear gets ready to review the meg

i love my main client

He just called me to tell me that I was not to do any work during Purim, because the sages tell us that one does not derive any benefit from work done during Purim.

So... happy Purim, everyone! They tried to kill us, they failed, we survived, so let's eat! (And get sufficiently drunk to not be able to distinguish 'cursed is haman' from 'blessed is mordechai' - how exciting!)

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