March 6th, 2006

jimmy makes a funny face with me

mark would you explain this to me?


This is from someone on UKnova.

I live in Shropshire, our PCT (Primary Care Trust) is currently 10 million quid in debt.

As a consequence Herceptin (Breast Cancer Drug) is being refused on the NHS.

It is available privately through Shropshire centres at £40,000.
It is available through a Manchester centre for £26,000.

So while it might be available, it's cost will vary depending on your postcode, (and perceived wealth).

This seems quite outrageous! How does this work?

Incidentally if you can spare a dollar or two (or a pound sterling etc.) this family needs your help
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Did Pac-Man ever suffer from indigestion? Were the power pellets akin to an antacid?

How cool is this design for a shirt?

Then there's this: Product - Consumable

Mark, I thought of this for you and Lu. One, because it has traditional blue pink colours. Two, because it has a Tesco box on it (well it has a 'Tecso' box but you know it's actually 'Tesco') No?