January 12th, 2006

preity's got your ticket

you told john mccain you loved him in 'cheaper by the dozen'.

No, you didn't, but that was a line from 'will and grace'. I wish more shows were recorded live. For one, it would really cut down on production. Also, it puts more pressure on the cast to be... good? I would think that would be the case. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

Things are not going so well with my brother. I can explain by e-mail if you are so inclined, and that particularly means you, Mr. Christopher sir.

I blush to admit that I started to watch EastEnders today. Let's see if it's sufficiently interesting enough to keep on watching. :) It's nice to watch the show so close to actual airtime.

I'm looking forward to watching months of Coronation Street on the television on the dvd player. :)