January 10th, 2006

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

my brother has finally seen trapped in the closet.

Due to peculiar circumstances my brother missed his connecting flight and was suddenly at SeaTac with a flight not until six in the morning. Of course Elizabeth and I offered to pick him up and let him stay with us until the morning.

This was a good opportunity for us to show him "Trapped in the closet". Everyone needs an opportunity to watch this... well it's not television, and it's not film, it's more like theee-ay-terr. Don't you know about theee-ay-terr? It's like theater, only it's mispronounced.

I have a new dvd player that I picked up at costco. It plays just about any sort of video media file that is burned on disc and so I can have a month of corrie in the dvd player playing at one time. Without commercials that comes to about seven and a half hours per month - every episode is about 22 minutes and there are about 21 episodes per month.

Incidentally, Monica - sorry I didn't mention this earlier - putting the / in between Elizabeth and my name messes up the html so if you click on our tag it shows all of the entries marked with just her tag. Alas. :( I suggest changing it to a + or something. :)