December 20th, 2005

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

Did I really forget that today was Threadless Monday?

I must have because it wasn't until I saw the community post in LJ did I remember that it was Monday, and new shirts came out today - and reprints of course.

I have precisely two favourites right now - perhaps a second look tomorrow will make me like it better. :) Product - Technology Ruins Nature

This to me is just funny. Looking at it makes me giggle. Also, being the owner of many teddy bears helps. Product - Neopolitan Bonaparte

You can just imagine Napoleon with the ice cream named after him. :)

I'm so worried about the strike. It seems like it's really happening. How are we going to get around tomorrow? Maybe we'll just have to stick to the midtown area.

Oh - completely unrelated note - I saw a few Amitabh ads on the way to NY today, ads at the train station for getting satellite TV.
tea tea tea!


SO the strike seems to be on. This severely limited our options of places to go as we are not artic people by nature and stayed in the midtown area.

We got in at around two or so. The first thing on the agenda was to go to Mr. Broadway to get a couple of Wally burgers. We then went to the NBC Studio Store because I thought it would be nice to have a tour - after two years of living there I never took the tour. As we were there we picked up a t-shirt and a couple of magnets - and a photo of the four of us (Elizabeth and I and the two bears) There weren't any tours available that day so we're going tomorrow. Speaking of touring we had a nice tour of the new Nintendo World Store.

After that I thought it would be nice to see the World of Disney. It made me miss Disneyland and think more about LA as a possibility.

Before we went home for the night we went to the Virgin Megastore and Toys R Us. I wanted to see what movies were playing at the Loews at the Virgin Megastore. Of course, it has to be Neal 'n' Nikki, a movie that I wanted to see. We sat down at the cafe and I wasted two dollars on a coffee - they had nothing but milk and I was still in my six hour no-milk period.

We're looking forward to seeing Rent tomorrow, and possibly my best friend Matt. Either way we're probably going to see him on Thursday.
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