November 23rd, 2005

what a horrible dream

well now this here's something i wasn't expecting.

Here's a 'not safe for work' link - well, nothing explicit, just very suggestive. Submission - Thinking Aloud

Now onto more serious business. Product - Robot Derby Girl

My friend Allison loves this shirt. Loves loves loves it. I told her that I would request a reprint, and went to the page last week and found that lo! behold! it appeared that men's medium was in stock, albeit not even so much in stock as to merit any blue on the stock chart line. I quickly ordered it and was relieved that I wouldn't have to wait for a reprint.

Today I got an e-mail telling me that the stock chart was incorrect and they didn't actually have any left. This left me a little blue. Perhaps today if you would do me a favour - request a repring.

That would be quite keen of you all.

Somehow I don't think this would make it on the air today.

Can you identify what show this comes from? It's from the very first episode. Quiz time!!

Scenario : Landlord has been against this male character (mc) moving in with these two female characters (f1 and f2). f2 announces that the landlord has now agreed to allow mc to stay, and both f1 and mc want to know how this is possible.

f2 : I told him that mc was a decent, respectible, hard working young man.
mc : And that did it?
f2 : Not quite. I also told him that you were gay.
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