October 21st, 2005


how i am feeling now

-- I haven't got a high temperature which is a good thing.

-- I think I'm a little stressed out from all the work that is piling up and my being inable to really focus on anything due to having a clogged up head.

-- I'm a little bit sad that nobody said they'd daven for a refuah sheleimah for me today. Hopefully it will come nevertheless. If you don't know what a refuah sheleimah is then you don't have to feel at all bad you didn't daven for one. Davening refers to prayer and refuah sheleimah means full recovery. That being said if you happen to be saying what up to big G feel free to let him know it would be sure nice to breathe again.

-- I was somehow able to play video games though not very well. Well enough to get three shards in Gauntlet Dark Legends, however.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Not to be a nag but do send happy thoughts. :)
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